Winning for The People

None-profit public service projects to help millions.

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protecting the people helping caregivers
A. Protecting the People:

A project to protect the public from mass layoffs, bankruptcies and from mass foreclosures.

We show how we could have protected millions from losing their jobs during the 2001/2 recession and could have prevented the entire 2008 banking crisis and protected millions from losing their jobs and homes .

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B. Helping caregivers improve their lives:

Caregivers pay thousands of dollars placements fees in order to get overseas work

They often need to borrow the money at very high interest rates of 84% or higher

This none-profit project aims at raising public awareness to both problems, reducing the interest rates below 7% annually and cutting down the placement fees by at least 40%

we offer in addition dozen more plans to imprive their lives and help them prepare for the future.