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Low Interest loans to caregivers

Reducing Placement Fees

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Developed by Eytan katz
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helping caregivers

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Helping Caregivers Improve Their lives

Help them in dozen different ways

With Gratitude to my late father Gideon Katz who supported me a lot with developing this project during 2012-15. Please those who are blessed by this project give testimony about him


This is a none-profit public Service that offers dozen projects to help caregivers from all other the world* improve their lives and save thousands of dollars.
* We focus on caregivers coming from the Philippines. However, this public service is relevant to caregivers and other foreign workers working in other fields coming from any country!

The Ideas Include

- Mentoring program to match a successful person from the community for each caregiver and help them establish successful small business back home.

This will bring the origin countries of caregivers tens of thousands new successful new businesses each year.

The mentors project is the core for the success of each one of the other dozen projects. They are to give the caregivers much stronger representation.

- Help each year about 100,000 caregivers each save $2K-$10K to send back home to their families.

This will add up each year to hundreds of millions dollars that will arrive to the Philippines, India and other countries where caregivers come from.

We will achieve this by:

  • Replacing the outrages exiting interests rate loans of 6%-10% MONTHLY (80$-120% annual) with loans to caregivers at below 7% ANNUAL interest rates
  • Reducing placement fees: The mentors will have key roll by raising local awareness to the problem.
  • this is part of the mentoring project: Helping with sound financial advice, training and monitoring.
  • - Developing greater positive public relations for caregivers in the countries they work. That will bring them many significant improvements.

    - Help solves daily problems for the caregivers.

    Read the other pages to learn about the details and solutions we offer.

    The beneficiaries

    The main beneficiaries are obviously the caregivers who will save thousands of dollars, have better lives while working and be much better prepared when going back home.

    Yet, the origin countries of caregivers will also see huge benefits with hundreds of millions dollars each year and by having thousands of successful new small businesses each year.

    Raising awareness

    Sharing this Message is Very Important: One of the reasons the problems have been dragging for so many years is because many caregivers feel helpless as if nobody cares about your problems and therefore, you tend to give up and become very passive.

    Our immediate mission is to get the local public involved. We ask caregivers to become pro-active and share your personal stories with families of your employers. Remind you that many of them are retired or well connected with public figures, media or government workers or successful business people.

    We made introduction video for this purpose.

    We need to raise also awareness amongst influential Filipinos around the world (especially in the USA) to help change the situation in your favor.

    For all the reasons above it is important to share this site including the clips with your friends, public figures and media personals.

    You must show passion towards the issues if you want world's public to take those issues seriously.

    By Eytan Katz
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